Friday, August 8, 2014

Hello There!

     I just wanted to let you guys know what this blog is all about and a little about me. I love to read. I know it's kind of a shock to hear that considering the background is a bunch of books and the name is, well... Booking Awesome (maybe you thought I really loved that one travel company with the garden gnome that always ended the commercials with "It's booking awesome!"). On this blog, I will post reviews, hauls, wraps ups (for the books I did not do a full review of), attempt to have a monthly TBR, talk about writing, discuss pressing topics having to do with literature, post DIY projects to spruce up your bookshelves, and maybe, quite possibly (though it is not guaranteed) have GIVEAWAYS! I mostly read YA and middle grade fiction, though I might occasionally read the less serious Adult novel.
     I also have a Links page. This page will have links to my Twitter, when I manage to get one, and a link to my Good Reads when I get that situated.
     Well, there it is. That was quite a long introduction. There is only one thing left: I made this blog to have fun and to get rid of the boredom of summer. All I want is for everyone who stumbles upon this blog to feel welcome and have fun, too. Thank you for sticking through this long intro and I will post again soon!

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