Saturday, August 9, 2014

Under Construction

Thanks to the Little Book Club (click there for more information) discussion thread Book Blogs/ BookTube, I was able to see that I did not like the lay out of my blog, so I fixed it. Before, I had planned that all full reviews be posted on the Reviews page and comments, to avoid spoilers, be added on to the review announcement on the Home page. I wasn't a big fan of that plan to start with, but I didn't see any way around it... until I started looking at the blogs in the discussion thread. I began getting so many ideas on how to format my blog better and I am happy to say that I am completely satisfied with that aspect of my blog. Now, each review announcement has a link to the non-spoiler section and then on the Reviews page there is a link to the other half of that review so that we can discuss the book in detail and not worry about spoiling other people. I am not quite sure if I will be doing that on the other pages of the blog and I would really like your feedback on this matter. Sorry if you have been confused while BookingAwesome has been under construction because things were randomly changing, I apologize, but trust me, it was worth it! Have a wonderful day and happy reading!

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