Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's the End of 2014 Read-A-Thon Day 1

It's the first day of The End of 2014 Read-A-Thon!!!! Today's host is Sarah at YA Bookaholic and the game is to state your TBR for the read-a-thon. If you would like to enter the in the game, go over to Sarah's post for the day and post the link to your blog post or video in the comments. I am not going to enter the game, but I will participate, so here it is!

  1. The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey: I started reading this during the mini read-a-thon and I've been reading it since so I would like to finish it.
  2. The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken: I would like to reread this one because if I don't get In the Afterlight for Christmas, I will buy it myself and I want to remember everything. 
  3. Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken: Same deal as the book above
  4. I Have No Earthly Idea: I did not realize that this sounded like a book title when until I actually wrote it... anyway, it's not. It's just me telling you that I don't know what I am reading after those books and I am waiting until Christmas to see what books I am getting.
That's all for today, just make sure to enter at the link so you can have the joy of be honorably mentioned and we can all see what each other is reading because that's why we do the blog thing, right? Sorry if that sounds weird, but I just woke up and the brain isn't functioning properly yet. I need some coffee...

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  1. Good luck and I hope you get some great books for Christmas!


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