Saturday, September 27, 2014

Blogging Things I'm Bad At

We all agree I'm not perfect, so I thought that I should tell you all of the things I'm bad at! Some of you may not agree, but I think that I'm bad at these things.

Posting. When I started, I wasn't too bad at the posting thing, but as time goes on and school has begun, it's really hard to post. Sometimes I just want to sit and mindlessly stare at the television because for once I want to do nothing! I know that sounds weird, but it's true. 

Commenting. Commenting on other blogs and commenting back on my blog. I always have something to say, but it's so hard to comment when I'm visiting blogs on my phone which is basically the only thing I use to look at other blogs!

Connecting with all of you! I find it difficult to contact you guys and get to know you all! I want to hear from you and know your opinions about things! Please join the Booking Awesome Book Club on Goodreads because that will make it so much easier to talk with all of you and feel free to add me as a friend, too!

Tweeting. Mainly because I don't have a Twitter! I really need to get one but I haven't had time, plus I would be really bad at it at first. 

Connecting with other bloggers. I have so many projects that I want to do that involves other book bloggers. Maybe I'm ambitious, I don't know, but I want to get to know other bloggers as well!

Originality. I am not good at coming up with my own ideas. Sure, I came up with that one tag, but it wasn't AMAZING and I had taken, like, two years to come up with. 

SO THERE IT IS!!! That is all I can think of right now, but I'm sure I will come up with more later. Thank you for reading and I will see all soon with another post (hopefully).

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