Sunday, November 9, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo 11/9- Your Blogging Workflow

I don't have any special things I do in my blogging process. There's just one thing...

When I link up a post, I have to use my phone because for some reason, my laptop doesn't like to look at blogs that come from Blogger. I can use Blogger just fine, but I can't look at blogs. I don't know, my laptop is old and I want a new one, but I would rather have new books. I have to copy the URL from Safari onto my notes and then type it and hope I don't type it wrong.

For rituals, though, I can only sit in the big chair in my living room and I have to blog before I do my homework. It just happens.

That's the only things that I do differently while blogging. If you do anything weird or super cool while blogging, comment down below. I'll see you guys tomorrow with another post!

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