Friday, December 26, 2014

My Christmas Story

First thing, MERRY CHRISTMAS or HAPPY HANUKKAH (Hannukkah ended on Wednesday, right?) or HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Now, onto the weirdness...

As some of you may know, I have been pretty sick since Monday, so who knows if what I'm typing makes any sense. By the way, you should use Kleenex Cool Touch tissues because they are a life saver of a sick person, just saying. I had a really weird dream early Christmas morning and I think it's because I have had a lack of sleep since I got sick.

What was the dream, you may ask. Well, here it is. In my dream, I had woke up Christmas morning to find a present at the end of my bed, which never happens. There was a note on it that said to wait to open it until everyone was downstairs, but I'm super impatient so I ripped off just the end of the wrapping paper and I saw this really pretty, icy blue on the dust jacket, but that was all I saw. I decided to stop opening and listen to my mother. My mom came and woke my up and as all of the family was heading downstairs, the book slipped out of the wrapping paper. Don't worry, it didn't tumble down the stairs, it wasn't a nightmare. I caught the book and looked at the cover. It was another installment in the Shadowhunter world, so of course I was ecstatic. Sounds like a normal dream so far, right? Wrong.

The cover was that nice icy blue color and in the middle, like how Jace and Clary appear on the book covers, was Santa in a really faded red Santa suit and one of those angel blade things (I don't remember what they were called) that the Shadowhunters use. Yes, Santa has a weapon. The book was about Santa Clause being a Shadowhunter and how that helps him deliver all of the presents for Christmas and was broken into four parts

But, wait, it still gets weirder.

The weirdest part is that a few months ago, I remember having a dream where I read the first part of this book of my dreams as a free preview. So apparently, I really want Cassandra Clare to write a book about Santa being a Shadowhunter.

I will make a post soon about the books I got for Christmas after I go shopping with the money I received because I'm getting books with that money. What else would you buy with money, really?

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