Friday, December 26, 2014

It's the End of 2014 Read-A-Thon Day 7

It's already a week into the read-a-thon! Wow, time flies. I am today's host so if you would like to enter into today's game, just put your link in the comments below or tweet @booking_awesome with the #Endof2014Read.

Today's game is... Tell Me A Story... Use book titles and author names to write a little story.

This one is really hard, but here is my attempt:

Jack's Run home felt like the longest run in history. He crashed through the kitchen door and into his mother's unexpecting arms. "Jack, honey, what's wrong?" She asked as tears streamed down his face.
     "The kids down near Monument 14 told be to go swimming in an Infinite Sea so I'll never come back!"
     "Kids have the Darkest Minds, don't they?" Jack nodded. Jack's mother knew that the move was difficult for him and that he has felt like he was all alone, didn't even fit in with The Outsiders. Jack's mother felt like The One cause for his troubles.
     "Then I told them," Jack began, "To try Catching Fire so they will all burn!"
     "Jack, that was not the right thing to do, although it may look like it is At First Sight. You have to make sure that your knowledge of right and wrong Never Fade when the other kids treat you like that. In the Afterlight, the only thing that will be matter is if you are who want to be, right?"
     "Right." Then Jack ran off to the Safe Haven of his room and his mother went back to making dinner not knowing she provided The Rescue that Jack needed.

It's not the best story, but it doesn't have to be top quality, does it? Make sure to enter into the game today and I will have some honorable mentions tomorrow!


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