Thursday, December 25, 2014

It's the End of 2014 Read-A-Thon Day 6

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (You know, if that's your thing) AND WE MADE IT TO THE HALF WAY POINT! Today our host is Sarah at YA Bookaholic. If you want to enter today's game, just comment your name and URL to submission after clicking on the above link. You can also enter if you tweet @Read_Endof2014!

Today's game is entitled Winter Wonderland and all you have to do is create a Wintery scene with either natural materials or things inside that are associate with the season showcasing the book you are currently reading. This one sounds like fun!

Since I haven't yet opened up my Christmas presents, there will not be a picture right now, but when all of the presents have been opened and I decide which one to read, I will have a nice wintery picture for you guys!

Reading Update: I didn't read anything yesterday because I had to finish some Christmas presents and I am really sick now, so I had only gotten two hours of a good, quality sleep the night before so I spend a lot of yesterday sleeping and being super sick. It was not fun. I feel a little better today, just a little. I might read some today, I don't know. I may just sleep. It kind of sucks that I am spending my Christmas break being sick, but there is still a week left, so maybe I won't be sick for the whole break. I'M BEING OPTIMISTIC. Optimism is always good.

I hope your read-a-thon is going better than mine and you have read tons of books! Let me know your progress and I will see you all tomorrow with another post!


  1. Hey!!! Make sure to let me know what books you got :p

    1. Plus I hope you get better soon!! It's the worst thing ever to get sick on a school break and even worse when it's Christmas :(

  2. i'm still on my second book for the readathon. i think i'll stay up late tonight reading to try to catch up!


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