Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo 11/11- #TopTenTuesday Most Popular Posts

Today, I will be linking to my Top Ten Most Popular Posts! I have put them in order of least popular to most popular. LET'S DO THIS THING! And sorry, put I don't have time to put links in to all of the posts right now because I need to get going to school, but I will do it later.

10.) Back to School Tag
I was tagged in this tag by Athena at InToTheMindOfAReader who is also a great blogging friends and the creator of the tag, so you should go check out her blog as well.
9.) Book Life Tag
This another tag that I created and I had been thinking of for a long time. It was just great, you should go check it out.
8.) T.M.I. Tag
This was my first tag I believe and I had tons of fun doing it. I might do it again because my answers have changed and I also want to do the Book T.M.I. Tag, so look out for that.
7.) Liebster Award
This post was my answers to the Liebster Award given to me by Sarah from YA Bookaholic and it's actually the way I met Sarah I believe and now she's a great blogging friend so you should click on that link and check it out.
6.) #BookBlogWriMo 11/1- History of Your Blog
Yes, my very first #BookBlogWriMo post about the history of my blog has a lot of views.
5.) About Me
This isn't necessarily a post... it's a page, but it's only about me and it's been viewed quite often, so... yeah.
4.) Sisterhood of the World Blogger's Award
This is a fairly recent post because Sarah from YA Bookaholic gave me an award, so thank you Sarah!!!
3.) #BookBlogWriMo
Yes, my announcement of participation in #BookBlogWriMo has the third highest number of views for all of my posts.
2.) Update
This was an update that I posted talking about starting school and I didn't know if I would be able to post often. Thankfully, a lot of my blogging friends reached out and told me that blogging during school isn't too hard and that I would be fine.
1.) The Book Blogger's Tag
This is a tag I created myself. It's pretty cool and if you still want to do it, GO AHEAD! I tag you!

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