Monday, January 19, 2015

Behind the Blog: Blogger (A.K.A. ME!)

1st: I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been waiting to go book shopping with my Christmas money before I do a Christmas book haul, so that'll be posted after I go shopping, probably paired with my January book haul. And I have midterms. I know I should be freaking out considering the minimal amount of studying I've done, but I'm strangely clam.

2nd: This is the first installment of a series I am hoping to start entitled Behind the Blog where I show you guys all of the behind of the scenes stuff. It is also something that will promote me to become a more organized blogger so... that'll help. This first post for Behind the Blog is all about the blogger, which is me. I've been seeing a few 'About Me' posts around and I wanted to do one, too because it looks like fun.

Hello. My name is Jayne. I am your blogger. I don't have a lot of pictures of myself on here. I don't even have one on my 'About Me' page because of an overprotective mother. Plus I hate pictures of myself and I rarely think one is decent, so sorry. But here is a picture of me when I was younger, like in eighth grade or someting (if it looks familiar, that's because it was on my bookshelf pictures thing for #BookBlogWriMo. And those are my parents on the sides by the way. And yes, I know I'm small)

I used to live in a small town in Illinois (which is the 21st state of America) that consisted mostly of corn on one side of the road and soy beans on the other and then the next year they would switch (you know, the whole crop rotation thing keeps the dirt more nutrient rich for the plants). It was really boring, but my house was beautiful, we had money, and I was younger, so I didn't really care if there were tons of things to do or if I was alone because there weren't that many kids around. But, then I moved to Virginia almost eight years ago and I am so happy I did because there is so much to do and it doesn't get as cold (which I hate winter, so I don't really like cold), and there is not corn in sight of where I live. Seriously, when I was younger, my mom would send us into the corn field across the street and pick a few ears of corn for dinner because we knew the farmer would be totally cool with it and then we would shuck the corn. That was usually the highlight of my days. Then I moved and everything was great and I actually had people my age living within a twenty mile radius! Moving was the best thing that happened to me!
I live with my mom, my dad, and my older brother. I have an older sister, too, but she still lives in Illinois because, when we moved, she was already married and had two kids, so... unlike the majority of siblings, I get along with mine because we are actually really far apart and my sister is adopted, so that helps. My sister was adopted before I was even born, so I can't remember a day without her and it feels like she's my biological sibling. People tell us we look alike, too, but I don't think so. If we do, that's just weird. Most of the time I don't spend reading, doing homework, or aimlessly wandering the internet is spent with my brother watching anime or whatever other show he got me into. Since my brother and I watch so many shows together, it feels weird watching one of our shows alone because I don't have someone to laugh at my sarcastic commentary. And I have a pet turtle. He's pretty cool. One of my mom's friends gave him to us a million years ago after her turtle had babies. He may or may not be a teenage mutant ninja turtle. 

(That's not him, he wouldn't cooperate, but that's the kind of turtle he is) 

A few years ago, though, my mom suffered from a stroke, so we lost her income and my dad had to get a job because he was a stay at home dad for me and my brother. My mom still suffers from the after affects of the stroke, but she's a lot better than any one thought she would be. She has her bad days, but we don't let that weigh us down and we get through it with our faith, hope, and humor (really, my family can make a joke out of anything). I just wanted to include this because it's a big part of who I am and it changed me a lot as a person. My mom's stroke was what turned me to books because I felt like no one could relate to everything I was going through, so really, my mom is a huge reason why this blog exists. Thanks, Mom!

When I started high school, I entered into an elite program that specializes in 21st century skills, leadership, psychology, and child growth and development. The program is a lot of fun and very competitive which is good for me because I like competition. And because I didn't take a language in middle school (three years of a foreign language is mandatory where I live), I decided to take Latin when I entered high school. It's not as hard as people think and I believe more people should take it because once you do, you will notice how much Latin is around. I hope to go to college (which you can start during high school or when you turn 18 in America) for a degree either in teaching (either in English education or elementary education) or a degree in psychology (I would love to become a behavior analyst or a forensic child psychologist). 

I'm going to try to do 50 of these... we'll see how that goes.
  1. My favorite season is Spring. All of the pretty colors and cute little animals make me happy
  2. My favorite color is blue. All the shades of blue
  3. My favorite show is the Walking Dead and the best character is Daryl Dixon. Don't even try to argue with me
  4. Captain America is my favorite Marvel superhero followed Spider Man and Iron Man
  5. I love mustaches. Not quite sure why
  6. I want to go to Britain so bad. I can't really explain why, but I want to go
  7. I really like chevron
  8. I want to go to BEA (Book Expo America), but it's super expensive so I just have to hope to be invited some day
  9. One of my dreams is to go to Comic Con with a big group of friends and dress up like the Attack on Titan crew. It would be super fun and I would be Hange because I name titans, too.
  10. I hope to one day finish a novel and get it published because I love writing
  11. I am addicted to Pinterest. No lie
  12. I want to go to VidCon so I can fangirl over all of the Youtube people
  13. My birthday wish for my next birthday is to go see The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon because I love him
  14. I think I reread books more often than I read new ones
  15. My favorite movies are Inception, The Help, and The Italian Job
  16. My favorite animes are Fairytail (not caught up) and Attack on Titan (caught up)
  17. I love every Disney thing ever and I could beat anyone in the Disney Challenge (*way to be humble, Jayne)
  18. As mentioned before, I love Disney, but I've never been to Disney World or Land. It is one of my biggest dreams to go
  19. My favorite food is mac and cheese
  20. I am an INFJ, which only, like, 2% of the world's population are INFJs. So I'm pretty rare
  21. I hate science and math, but they are always my highest grades
  22. I usually eat desserts for breakfast (when I eat breakfast, which is rarely, and I KNOW THAT'S BAD), but if I don't eat desserts, I eat Cheerios, so it cancels out
  23. I'm actually not a huge fan of sweets, regardless if I eat desserts for breakfast
  24. I hate frosting the most! It's just sugar with a little bit of milk. Gross
  25. I have really weird music tastes. I listen to pop music when I feel in the mood, but my favorite bands are Marianas Trench, Fall Out Boy, and Panic! At the Disco
  26. Some of my favorite songs are Haven't Had Enough (Marianas Trench), Dance, Dance (Fall Out Boy), The Only Difference from Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage (Panic! At the Disco) (All of Panic! At the Disco's song names are so long and hard to remember)
  27. I am a sleepwalker. Not often, but I still sleep walk and it scares me
  28. I don't like coffee, but I love this one drink from Starbucks, but they only have it during the summer and it's annoying because I want it
  29. I love Panera. My favorite thing they have is mac and cheese (see #19) and cinnamon crunch bagel
  30. I have never gotten a failing grade
  31. I am prepared for the zombie apocalypse
  32. I never know whether to get my books at the bookstore, because I like the atmosphere, or online, because they are cheaper
  33. My favorite holiday is Christmas because it feels like it is a lot longer than a day because of the holiday season. My second favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because I like food
  34. I love pictures! Obviously
  35. I failed at coming at with 50 interesting facts about myself!
Sorry this post was so long, but it looked like there were a lot of words and I wanted to add pictures! I hope you learned more about me. Probably more than you wanted to, but I thought you guys might want to know there was a human being behind the blog. If you have any suggestions about future Behind the Blog posts, leave them in the comments!

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